why SuperVacs?

SuperVacs contain many of the same qualities as our hydro excavators. SuperVacs offer compression in addition to vacuum, have nearly double the carrying capacity, and weigh much less than any hydro excavator. This means the amount of time spent over the road between location and a disposal is the same, with a higher return with each individual trip, all while the hydro excavator continues work on location. These units work especially well for water based clean outs from tanks where heavy sediment has settled in the mud pits. These units also have an on-board water system that allows for an internal wash-out — also saving time on tail end of the job.

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24-hour mechanics commuting in full service maintenance trucks will be at the other end of your call if the need arises. 

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Our certified rig welders can fabricate vacuum tools for job specific tank clean outs or remediation, shaker funnels, build and repair hammer unions, complete cold cuts over well heads, cut seized or damaged bolts during a rig move- and much more.


From crew trucks, backhoes, excavators, and HydroVacs. Each of our units is equipped with real-time GPS tracking to streamline communication between dispatch and your location.

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Non-Destructive Excavation

Excavation of Mud Pit Sediment

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