Maintenance & Repairs

Bottom Line Services, LLC has always offered exceptional pipeline and new construction services at competitive pricing and in addition BLS also has an extensive maintenance division. Below are some of the varied tasks that our maintenance department offers.

  • Vessel repair – Included rework and repairs on site. BLS has acquired the U & R stamp.
  • Tank swaps outs and associated pipe repair (300 to 700 BBL tanks)
  • Gas unit well site expansions – includes adding more dehydration or metering or production skids
  • Wellhead retro – anything past the main master valve
  • Lubricator manifolds – fabrication to installs
  • Chemical Loops – fabrication to installs
  • Gas trains – fabrication to installs
  • Well site maintenance – includes cutting grass, tree trimming, and fence repair
  • Weed control – BLS has one of the most effective vegetation control programs
  • Pad maintenance – includes pot hole repair, pad build up, and wash out repairs

As with our new construction, BLS also takes pride in providing our clients with a timely, efficient, and safe outcome to all maintenance work. Whether under fresh air or on a right of way, BLS starts each project with the same goals, to make sure that everyone on that job returns home in the same shape they showed up in and that our client is pleased with the level of our maintenance program and procedures.

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