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construction workers at the Benedum Pump Station

Benedum Pump Station

Benedum Pump Station


The Benedum Pump Station attached to the Sand Hills Pipeline.

  • Sand Hills Pipeline to pump station connections: Inlet & Outlet
    • Two (2) 20” ANSI 600 RF and actuators
    • Connection for future expansion
  • Foundations for:
    • Pumps
    • PDC
    • Flare
    • Transformers
    • Pipe, valve and instrument supports
    • Platform, stair and crossover supports
  • Pump Skid Canopies
    • Weather cover for each pump skid
    • Overhead monorail crane over pump and driver

Cooke Central Delivery Point 

Facilities Construction

Constructed pads and installed 2 new compressors at the Cooke site to assist in production with the existing compressors.
men installing compressors

Cooke Central Delivery Point

pipeline construction site

Pam Beesly Connection

Pam Beesly Connection

Pipeline Construction

  • Construction of an approximately 14,720-foot long 6.625”-inch (crude oil) pipeline in Howard County Texas.
  • The SME Pam Beesly project consists of approximately 13,140 LF of conventionally installed and 1,580 LF of HDD installed new 6.625” O.D. x 0.280” WT pipe, with launcher, receiver and tie into existing pipeline flange.

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